Is Chagee Halal

CHAGEE (BAWANGCHAJI) is an innovative instant tea beverage brand pioneered by Beijing Chaji Catering Management Co. Ltd. Drawing from the deep reservoir of tea heritage that spans several millennia, CHAGEE positions itself as one of the first regional teahouse chains to embody the essence of the Original Tea Leaf of Chinese Culture.

The company is committed to reviving and sharing the rich Chinese tea culture globally, spearheading the trend of new-generation tea beverages that emerged in 2017. The question arises, is Chagee halal in Malaysia?

Is Chagee halal?

Yes, Chagee is listed in JAKIM’s Halal Malaysia Directory. I recommend checking the latest information directly on the official website of JAKIM’s Halal Malaysia Directory at for accurate details.

This comprehensive directory, accessible at, is a reliable reference for consumers in identifying halal-certified products, services, and businesses.

Does Chagee have halal certificate from JAKIM?

Yes, Chagee has acquired a halal certificate from JAKIM. This affirmation indicates that the meal offerings at Chagee comply with the stringent halal guidelines. Holding this certificate implies that the restaurant has undergone a rigorous examination process by JAKIM authorities, wherein each aspect of food handling, preparation, and sourcing is meticulously scrutinised.

The validation ensures that the food served adheres strictly to the dietary rules of Islam, thereby affirming its halal status.

This achievement not only reinforces the integrity of Chagee in maintaining Islamic dietary principles but also assures its patrons of the halal authenticity of their food. Therefore, customers, specifically those observing Islamic dietary regulations, can dine confidently, knowing that the meals served are in strict compliance with halal standards.

This certification by JAKIM thus signifies Chagee’s commitment to upholding and respecting its patrons’ religious and dietary beliefs.

How to verify the halal status of Chagee?

To verify the Halal status of Chagee, a product or food item, you can follow this list of steps. Chagee could be a brand name, a product, or a type of food; for this guide’s purposes, we will assume it’s one of these.

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development, also known as JAKIM, official website at This website provides up-to-date information about all registered Halal products in Malaysia.
  2. Look for the Search Bar: On the website’s homepage, you will find a search bar labeled ‘Verify Halal Status’. This is where you will input the name of the product or brand you are checking.
  3. Enter the Name: Type ‘Chagee’ in the search bar. Ensure the spelling and capitalization are correct to get accurate results.
  4. Search: Press enter or click on the search icon to start the search process. The website will then pull up all related information about ‘Chagee’ in relation to its Halal status.
  5. Review the Results: If ‘Chagee’ is a registered Halal product, you will find it listed along with its certification details. This might include the certification number, certification date, and expiration date. If you can’t find ‘Chagee’ in the list, it may mean it’s not a registered Halal product.
  6. Check the Certificate: If available, you can further click on the certificate for more in-depth information. The certificate will contain details about the certifying body and the standards the product adheres to.
  7. Reach Out for More Information: If you’re still unsure about the Halal status of ‘Chagee’, consider reaching out to JAKIM directly for more information. Contact details can be found on their official website.

Remember, having an awareness and understanding of Halal certification and standards is crucial for any Muslim consumer. To ensure you’re consuming Halal-certified products, always check the labels and, if available, the certification provided by the relevant authorities.

Why Chagee halal certificate is important?

The JAKIM Halal Certificate for Chagee is important due to several reasons. This certification, provided by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), is a globally recognized stamp of halal compliance.

Its significance is not limited to the Muslim community but extends to all consumers who value ethical and clean food production standards. Here are some key reasons why this certification holds immense importance:

  1. Guarantee of Halal Compliance: JAKIM’s Halal Certification ensures that Chagee products strictly adhere to Islamic dietary laws. It guarantees that all ingredients, processing, handling, and packaging operations are free from Haram (forbidden) elements.
  2. Increased Consumer Trust: The JAKIM Halal Certificate boosts consumer confidence as it is an assurance of product safety and hygiene. It signifies that the product has undergone rigorous inspection and meets high-quality standards.
  3. Market Expansion: With the Halal Certificate, Chagee can tap into the global halal market, which is growing rapidly. It opens up opportunities not only among Muslim consumers but also among non-Muslim consumers who associate halal with ethical and quality food production.
  4. Legal Compliance: Having a JAKIM Halal Certificate ensures that Chagee abides by the legal requirements set by the Malaysian government for products sold as halal. It helps to avoid any potential legal issues related to false halal claims.
  5. Brand Reputation and Credibility: The certification enhances Chagee’s brand reputation and credibility. It shows the brand’s commitment to meet the religious needs of its Muslim consumers and respect for their beliefs.
  6. Greater Competitive Edge: The Halal Certificate offers Chagee a competitive edge over brands that do not have this certification. It can serve as a unique selling point (USP) to attract and retain consumers.
  7. Promotes Ethical Practices: Lastly, the JAKIM Halal Certificate promotes ethical business practices. The Halal certification process encourages transparency in food production and demonstrates a business’s commitment to responsible and ethical conduct.

In conclusion, the JAKIM Halal Certificate is more than just a seal of halal compliance. It represents trust, quality, and a commitment to ethical business practices, which greatly benefits Chagee and its consumers.

Why must I be careful and strict about Chagee’s halal status?

Understanding the halal status of various products, including Chagee, is crucial for individuals who follow dietary laws in Islam. Here are reasons why you should be careful about Chagee’s halal status:

  1. Religious Compliance: As a practicing Muslim, you’re required to ensure everything you consume is halal. Chagee, like any other product, must comply with Islamic dietary laws.
  2. Food Safety: Halal status often implies a high standard of quality and hygiene in food production, which is beneficial to all consumers, not just Muslims.
  3. Cross-contamination Avoidance: Verifying the halal status of Chagee ensures that it hasn’t been contaminated with non-halal products or ingredients during its processing or production.
  4. Ingredients Transparency: Checking the halal status often means you’re aware of the ingredients used, which helps prevent consumption of hidden or undesirable ingredients.
  5. Ethical Considerations: Halal certification often involves ethical aspects, like animal welfare during slaughter. Being careful about Chagee’s halal status ensures adherence to these ethical standards.
  6. Cultural Respect: Carefulness about the halal status of products, including Chagee, demonstrates respect for Islamic cultural practices, promoting inclusivity and understanding.
  7. Prevention of Doubt: Ensuring halal status removes any doubts about whether consuming the product is permissible or not, providing peace of mind for the consumer.

Chagee menu and price

The following table provides a list of different tea beverages and their respective prices in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). The menu includes a variety of milk teas, pure teas, tea macchiatos, cold brews, and fresh fruit teas.

Tie Guan Yin Milk TeaRM 14.90
Glutinous Green Milk TeaRM 12.90
Da Hong Pao Milk TeaRM 12.90
White Peach Oolong Milk TeaRM 11.90
Jasmine Green Milk TeaRM 11.90
Yunnan Pure Milk TeaRM 11.90
Osmanthus Oolong Milk TeaRM 14.90
Tie Guan Yin Pure TeaRM 12.90
Da Hong Pao Pure TeaRM 11.90
Glutinous Green Pure TeaRM 10.90
Yunnan Pu’er Pure TeaRM 10.90
Glutinous Green Tea MacchiatoRM 12.90
Da Hong Pao Tea MacchiatoRM 13.90
Tie Guan Yin Tea MacchiatoRM 14.90
Yunnan Puer Tea MacchiatoRM 12.90
Organic Oriental Beauty Cold BrewRM 20.90
Da Hong Pao Cold BrewRM 14.90
Tie Guan Yin Cold BrewRM 12.90
Royale Fruit Oolong TeaRM 19.90
Jasmine Peach TeaRM 11.90
Fresh Orange Jasmine TeaRM 13.90
Fresh Lemon Glutinous Green TeaRM 13.90
Fresh Grapefruit Jasmine TeaRM 11.90
Fresh Mango Jasmine TeaRM 16.90
Fresh Watermelon Jasmine TeaRM 14.90
Camellia Oolong Milk TeaRM 14.90
Camellia Oolong Pure TeaRM 12.90
Camellia Oolong Tea MacchiatoRM 14.90
White Peach Oolong Milk TeaRM 11.90
Jasmine Green Milk TeaRM 11.90
Da Hong Pao Milk TeaRM 12.90
Fresh Watermelon Jasmine TeaRM 14.90
Fresh Grapefruit Jasmine TeaRM 11.90
Camellia Oolong Milk TeaRM 14.90

How to contact Chagee in Malaysia?

Connecting with companies, organisations, or individuals often involves multiple mediums based on availability and preference. In the case of Chagee in Malaysia, it’s crucial to note that the details might change over time. Hence, it’s essential to keep updated. If you want to know more about Chagee halal status, here’s how you can contact Chagee in Malaysia:

  1. Website: Start with their official website at This is an excellent way to contact them, lodge complaints, inquire, or request services.
  2. Phone: The company might list a dedicated helpline or customer service number on their website or social media channels. Be sure to check the operating hours before calling.
  3. Physical Address: If the company has a physical presence in Malaysia, visiting their office might be an option. This could be particularly useful for more complex issues that need a face-to-face discussion. Always ensure to look up and confirm the official address before visiting.
  4. Email: Emailing is another effective method to contact Chagee. Look for their official email address on their website or social media platforms. Remember to keep your message concise and clear, outlining the purpose of your contact.
  5. Social Media: These days, most companies maintain a strong presence on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. These platforms often have direct messaging features that can be used to contact the company. Additionally, comments on their posts could also get their attention.

It is important to remember that the response speed might vary from channel to channel, but persistence often yields results. Always ensure to maintain a polite and respectful tone, regardless of the method you’re using to contact.

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