Is Halal Duck Co Halal

Halal Duck Co is a roast duck premise located in Cyberjaya. The premise offers a wide variety of halal roast duck dishes that cater to the diverse palate of its customers. The team at Halal Duck Co takes great care in marinating and roasting the ducks to perfection, resulting in tender, juicy, and flavorful meat that keeps customers coming back for more. The cosy and inviting ambience of the premise and the friendly staff add to the overall dining experience, making Halal Duck Co a popular choice for locals and visitors alike in Cyberjaya.

However, a critical question arises: Is Halal Duck Co truly Halal? This question plays a crucial role in the consumption decisions of the Muslim population, which forms the majority in Malaysia. 

Is Halal Duck Co halal?

Yes, as the name suggests, Halal Duck Co is halal as it is listed in the Halal Malaysia Directory managed by JAKIM on the official website

Does Halal Duck Co have halal certificate from JAKIM?

Yes, Halal Duck Co possesses a Halal certificate from JAKIM, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia. This esteemed certification endorses the restaurant’s steadfast commitment to adhering to the highest standards of Halal food preparation.

This verification process is rigorous, ensuring that all food served not only complies with Islamic dietary laws but also meets stringent hygiene, sanitation, and safety standards.

The presence of a JAKIM Halal certificate means that the dishes offered by Halal Duck Co. align with halal dietary requirements, thus, allowing their Muslim clientele to dine with peace of mind. This is not a simple label but a testament to their dedication in maintaining an establishment that respects and integrates Islamic dietary principles fully.

It is a guarantee that from sourcing ingredients to food preparation and service, every step meticulously aligns with the halal standards, signifying their commitment to serving their diverse customer base.

How to verify the halal status of Halal Duck 

To verify the halal status of the Halal Duck Co, please follow the steps below:

  1. Access The JAKIM Halal Malaysia Directory: Begin by visiting the official JAKIM Halal Malaysia Directory website at
  2. Use The Search Bar: Once you’ve accessed the website, find the ‘Verify Halal Status’ search bar. This is typically located at the top of the main page.
  3. Enter The Company Name: Type ‘Halal Duck Co’ into the search bar. Be sure to spell the company name correctly to get accurate results.
  4. Initiate The Search: After typing the company name, press ‘Enter’ to start the search.
  5. Review The Search Results: The search results will list companies that match the name you typed in. Look for ‘Halal Duck Co’ in the list.
  6. Check The Halal Status: Once you find ‘Halal Duck Co’, click on it to view its details. Here you will find the status of their halal certification – it will either be ‘Certified’, ‘Application in Progress’, ‘Not Certified’ or ‘Certificate Revoked’.
  7. Check The Certification Details: If the status shows ‘Certified’, check the date of certification and expiry. It’s important to ensure that the certification is currently valid.
  8. Contact JAKIM For Confirmation: If you’re unable to find ‘Halal Duck Co’ in the directory, or if you have any doubts about the information provided, contact JAKIM directly for confirmation.
  9. Physical Verification: For additional assurance, you can also check for a halal certification logo on the product’s packaging when purchasing.

By following these steps, you can verify the halal status of the Halal Duck Co, ensuring that your consumption aligns with your dietary needs and beliefs.

Why is the JAKIM halal certificate for Halal Duck Co important?

The JAKIM halal certificate is important due to several reasons, especially for companies such as Halal Duck Co. Here are some key reasons why:

  1. Promotes Trust and Assurance: The JAKIM Halal certification is a symbol of trustworthiness. It assures customers that the food, in this case, the ducks, are prepared according to strict Islamic dietary laws, thus, making it suitable for Muslims to consume.
  2. Opens Up Market Opportunities: Having a JAKIM certification allows Halal Duck Co. to access the large and growing halal market in Malaysia, where a majority of the population are Muslims. Moreover, it also enables them to tap into the international halal market as the certification is recognized worldwide.
  3. Compliance with Regulations: In Malaysia, it is a legal requirement for food businesses targeting Muslim consumers to obtain halal certification from JAKIM. Therefore, to legally operate and sell their products, Halal Duck Co. needs this certification.
  4. Enhances Company Reputation: The process of obtaining a JAKIM halal certificate involves rigorous standards of cleanliness, quality, and food safety. Thus, having this certification not only enhances the company’s image but also signifies their commitment to uphold high standards.
  5. Boosts Competitive Advantage: A JAKIM halal certification gives Halal Duck Co. a competitive edge over other duck suppliers who might not have the certification. It positions the company as a preferred choice for Muslim consumers, businesses and even non-Muslims who value the stringent quality control measures associated with halal-certified products.
  6. Ensures Ethical and Humane Treatment: The process of acquiring halal certification from JAKIM also includes ethical and humane treatment of the animals. This aspect can resonate with customers who look for ethical food sourcing, thus attracting a wider demographic beyond just Muslim customers.

In essence, a JAKIM halal certificate is not just a label but a reflection of Halal Duck Co.’s commitment to quality, ethics, and customer satisfaction. It’s an essential asset to their success within the halal food industry.

How to contact Halal Duck Co in Malaysia?

You can contact Halal Duck Co in Malaysia using a variety of methods. Whether you’re looking to place an order, ask a question, or provide feedback, the team is ready to assist you. Here are some of the most effective ways to get in touch with Halal Duck Co:

  1. Website: Visit the Halal Duck Co website for comprehensive information about their products and services. Some businesses also have a contact form on their website that you can fill out with your query.
  2. Phone: Call them for immediate response. The telephone number can typically be found on their website’s contact page. Remember to consider the time difference as it’s a company based in Malaysia.
  3. Address: If you’re in Malaysia, you can consider visiting their physical location. This could provide you with an opportunity to see their business operations firsthand and to speak with staff directly. The complete address can be found on their website or other business listing platforms.
  4. Email: You can write an email detailing your query or concern. This method is convenient as it allows you to send your message any time of day. Check their website for the appropriate email address.
  5. Social Media: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn can be good ways to connect. You can send a message or comment on a post, and often, businesses are quite responsive on these platforms.

Please note: It is important to have the correct contact information for Halal Duck Co. Their specific contact details need to be provided here, but the methods above are typical ways to reach most businesses.

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