Is Lee Wee & Brothers Halal in Singapore

Lee Wee & Brothers is a prominent and well-loved food establishment in Singapore, known for its delectable traditional Nonya Otah and other classic Singaporean dishes. This family-owned business has been delighting both locals and tourists with its rich and authentic flavors since its establishment in 2000.

However, a question often arises among interested patrons about the eatery’s status with regard to Halal certification. Is Lee Wee & Brothers a Halal certified food establishment in Singapore?

Is Lee Wee & Brothers halal in Singapore?

Yes, as of the time of writing, Lee Wee & Brothers in Singapore is considered halal. It is listed as a halal-certified eating establishment in the directory of Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), available on

Does Lee Wee & Brothers have halal certificate from MUIS?

Indeed, Lee Wee & Brothers is recognized as a certified eating establishment under the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), indicating that it has a valid halal certificate. This certification signifies that the food served at the establishment complies with the stringent halal standards set by MUIS. The process of obtaining the halal certificate is rigorous, requiring thorough checks and audits to ensure conformity with Islamic dietary laws, which are about more than just prohibiting certain foods, but also involve ethical sourcing and humane treatment of animals.

However, it is crucial to note that the halal status of an establishment is not perpetual, as the certification has an expiry date and needs to be renewed regularly. Irrespective of their past certification, establishments must maintain their adherence to halal standards and apply for renewal of their halal certification to ensure uninterrupted validity. This practice underscores the commitment of establishments like Lee Wee & Brothers to provide food that not only satisfies the palate but also respects the religious beliefs of their customers.

How to verify the halal status of Lee Wee & Brothers in Singapore?

To verify the halal status of Lee Wee & Brothers in Singapore, there are several steps you can follow:

  1. Visit the MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) Website: Go to their official website ( which is the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. They are responsible for the halal certification of eateries in the country.
  2. Navigate to the Halal Certification Section: On the MUIS website, look for the section for Halal Certification. There, you will find detailed information about halal food and the certification process.
  3. Use the ‘List Of Halal Food’ Search Box: This search box is provided by MUIS to help Muslims identify eateries that are halal certified. Type “Lee Wee & Brothers” into the search box. The search results will show whether this eatery is certified halal.
  4. Check the Detailed Information: If Lee Wee & Brothers is listed, click on the name to view more detailed information about its certification. This includes the certification number and expiry date.
  5. Download the MuslimSG App: The MuslimSG app is also provided by MUIS and is available for both Android and iOS devices. This app provides a list of halal certified establishments and also includes other useful features for Muslims in Singapore. You can use the app’s search function to verify the halal status of Lee Wee & Brothers.
  6. Visit the Restaurant: If you are still unsure, you can visit Lee Wee & Brothers personally. Certified eateries usually display their halal certification from MUIS in a prominent location. If you don’t see this, feel free to ask the staff for confirmation.

By following these steps, you can easily verify the halal status of Lee Wee & Brothers or any other eatery in Singapore.

Why is the MUIS halal certification for Lee Wee & Brothers important?

MUIS halal certificate is important due to several reasons. It is much more than a simple label on a product, especially for businesses like Lee Wee & Brothers. This certification provides both assurance to Muslim consumers and opens up potential opportunities for the business. Here’s why the MUIS halal certification for Lee Wee & Brothers is of great significance:

  1. Assurance for Muslim Consumers: First and foremost, the MUIS halal certification ensures that all products and services from Lee Wee & Brothers strictly adhere to Islamic dietary laws. Muslim consumers can confidently purchase any product, knowing it’s permissible to consume according to their religious beliefs.
  2. Boost in Customer Trust: This certification enhances the credibility of Lee Wee & Brothers in the market. It signifies their commitment to maintaining high standards of food preparation, which can significantly foster customer trust and loyalty.
  3. Market Expansion: Having a halal certification means Lee Wee & Brothers has the opportunity to tap into the global halal market, which is a multi-billion dollar industry. This allows them to expand their customer base beyond local consumers to cater to international customers.
  4. Competitive Advantage: In a competitive food industry, having a MUIS halal certification provides a competitive edge. It distinguishes Lee Wee & Brothers from other businesses that might not offer halal-certified products.
  5. Legal Compliance: MUIS halal certification is a legal requirement for selling halal products in some regions. Therefore, for Lee Wee & Brothers, this certification is also about complying with local or international legal standards.
  6. Cultural Sensitivity: Lastly, the MUIS halal certification demonstrates cultural sensitivity and respect for Muslims’ religious beliefs and practices. It positions Lee Wee & Brothers as a brand that values diversity and inclusivity.

In conclusion, the MUIS halal certification for Lee Wee & Brothers is not just a matter of religious compliance. It’s a strategic business move that boosts brand reputation, fosters customer trust, and paves the way for international market expansion.

How to contact Lee Wee & Brothers in Singapore?

You can contact Lee Wee & Brothers, a popular food chain in Singapore, using the following methods like their website, phone, physical address, email, and social media. Here is a listicle providing you with a detailed guide:

  1. Website: Visit their official website – Here you can find their menu, place orders, or use the “Contact Us” page to submit your queries or feedback.
  2. Phone: In case you prefer a more direct method of communication, you can contact their customer service directly by phone. The customer service hotline for Lee Wee & Brothers is +65 6535 6535.
  3. Physical Address: You can visit any of their outlets across Singapore. The address of their main outlet is: No. 42 Lorong 1 Realty Park, Singapore 536959.
  4. Email: Feel free to drop an email with your concern or request. The email id for general inquiries is: [email protected].
  5. Social Media: Lee Wee & Brothers is active on several social media platforms. You can message or post to their Facebook page at They’re also active on Instagram, where you could potentially DM them @leeweebrothers.

Remember, choose the method most comfortable to you, and the friendly team at Lee Wee & Brothers will be more than happy to assist you.

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