Is Makan By The Bay Halal in Singapore

Makan By The Bay is a vibrant dining destination in Singapore, boasting a delectable mix of local and international cuisines. With its strategic location by the bay, it offers a unique dining experience, graced by panoramic views of the city’s skyline. The food hub caters to a variety of taste buds, promising an unforgettable culinary journey for its visitors.

A question that often arises among prospective visitors is: Is Makan By The Bay Halal-certified? For those with dietary restrictions, it’s essential to know whether this food haven meets Halal standards.

Is Makan By The Bay halal in Singapore?

Yes, at the time of writing, Makan By The Bay in Singapore is halal-certified. Please refer to the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) halal-certified eating establishments directory at for the most accurate and updated information.

Does Makan By The Bay have halal certificate from MUIS?

Yes, Makan By The Bay possesses a halal certificate issued by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. This affirmation denotes that the food served by the restaurant is in strict compliance with Islamic dietary laws.

Having been listed in the Certified Eating Establishments directory, Makan By The Bay has undergone a meticulous certification process, which includes various levels of close scrutiny and audits to affirm its conformity with halal guidelines. However, it is important to remember that the halal status granted to an establishment is not perpetual. It carries an expiry date and necessitates periodic renewal.

The renewal process ensures the restaurant’s continued compliance with the halal principles, guaranteeing that the food offered continues to meet the exacting halal standards. Thus, the presence of a MUIS certificate not only assures the halal authenticity of food at the time of issuance but also indicates the restaurant’s commitment to upholding these standards over time.

How to verify the halal status of Makan By The Bay in Singapore?

To verify the halal status of Makan By The Bay in Singapore:

  1. Start by visiting the official website of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) at
  2. Find the ‘List Of Halal Food’ search box on their homepage. This is a database compiled by MUIS that lists all the Halal certified eating establishments in Singapore.
  3. Enter ‘Makan By The Bay’ in the search box. Confirm the spelling and the name of the restaurant to ensure accurate results.
  4. Click on the ‘Search’ button to check the status. If Makan By The Bay is Halal certified, its name will appear in the search results along with other details such as the address, expiry date of the Halal certification, and the type of certification.
  5. Verify the restaurant’s details to be sure it’s the same Makan By The Bay you are interested in.


  1. You can download the MuslimSG app on your mobile device. This app is managed by MUIS and provides information on all Halal certified eating establishments in Singapore.
  2. Once the app is installed, open it and use the search function to find ‘Makan By The Bay’.
  3. The app will then show the restaurant’s Halal status along with other details.

Remember, a restaurant’s halal certification can expire or be revoked, so it is recommended to verify the status periodically if you frequent the establishment.

Why is the MUIS halal certification for Makan By The Bay important?

The MUIS halal certificate is important due to several reasons. Though particularly relevant for the Muslim population, it also plays a significant role to non-Muslims primarily for assurance of food quality. Here are the key reasons why MUIS Halal Certification for Makan By The Bay is substantial:

  1. Assurance of Halal Standards: MUIS Halal certification ensures that foods and beverages served at Makan By The Bay comply with Islamic dietary rules. It assures Muslim customers that the foods they consume are permissible under Islamic law.
  2. Quality Control: MUIS certification is not just about religious compliance. It also guarantees food safety and hygiene in preparation, handling, and storage. Therefore, it serves as a mark of quality that gives customers reassurance.
  3. Inclusive Dining Experience: With the certification, Makan By The Bay can cater to a wider audience including the Muslim population, hence promoting an inclusive dining experience. This is especially valuable in a multicultural country like Singapore.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Having a MUIS Halal certification can give Makan By The Bay a competitive edge over other food establishments. It can draw more customers who specifically seek out Halal-certified places.
  5. International Recognition: The MUIS Halal certification is internationally recognized. This means that tourists visiting from other countries can also trust the food served at Makan By The Bay, which can significantly boost its customer base.
  6. Promoting Ethical Practices: MUIS Halal Certificate also ensures that ethical practices are followed in sourcing and preparing the food. This aligns with the increased consumer interest in the ethical aspects of food production.

In conclusion, the MUIS Halal certification for Makan By The Bay is not just a religious obligation, but an important tool for ensuring food safety, quality, inclusivity and ethical practice while also providing a competitive edge in the food establishment industry.

How to contact Makan By The Bay in Singapore?

You can reach out to Makan By The Bay in Singapore through several different methods. Whether you want to make a reservation, ask about the menu, or inquire about other services, there’s a method that will suit your preference. Here are some convenient ways to contact Makan By The Bay: website, phone, physical address, email, and social media.

  1. Website: The website is the first place to visit if you’re looking for an overview of Makan By The Bay. It’s likely to provide information about their menu, services, and possibly an option to reserve a table. However, as of this response, Makan By The Bay may not have a working website. Please check the internet to verify.
  2. Phone: You can call Makan By The Bay for immediate response to your inquiries. Their contact number isn’t publicly listed at the moment. You can usually find this information on their official website or other trusted online directories.
  3. Physical Address: Want to make a reservation in person or just visit them? Their exact address is unavailable at the time of writing. However, you can usually find this information on their official website, Google Maps, or other trusted online directories.
  4. Email: Emailing allows you to ask more detailed questions or leave feedback. The email address for Makan By The Bay is currently not publicly listed. Check their website or ask them via a phone call or in person for their official email address.
  5. Social Media: Finally, for those who enjoy digital communication, Makan By The Bay may have social media profiles. They can provide updates and allow you to send direct messages. However, please verify their official channels as public listings for their social media profiles are currently unavailable.

Remember that the availability of these contact methods depends on the restaurant’s policies and operations. It’s always best to verify from a trusted source.

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