Is Monster Planet Grill Halal

Monster Planet Grill is one of Malaysia’s popular dining destinations, renowned for its flavorful barbecue and grill offerings. This unique eatery has captured the hearts of food aficionados with its variety of monster-sized meals, succulent meats, and innovative culinary techniques. Its diverse menu caters to an array of tastes, promising a remarkable gastronomic experience.

Now, a question often posed by many intrigued patrons: Is Monster Planet Grill Halal? Let’s delve a bit deeper into this concern.

Is Monster Planet Grill halal?

Yes, Monster Planet Grill is listed as Halal in JAKIM’s Halal Malaysia Directory at Please check the mentioned directory for the most accurate and latest information.

Does Monster Planet Grill have halal certificate from JAKIM?

Yes, Monster Planet Grill has indeed acquired a halal certificate from JAKIM. This affirmation means that the food offered by the establishment strictly follows Islamic dietary laws.

The presence of a JAKIM halal certificate signifies that the restaurant has gone through a meticulous process to ensure its food preparation methods, ingredients, and kitchen facilities completely comply with the principles of halal. Moreover, it indicates the restaurant’s commitment towards accountability and transparency in upholding these standards.

This achievement is not a mere formality, it is an assurance for patrons, particularly those who follow Islamic dietary rules, that the food they consume at Monster Planet Grill is permissible within their faith. The JAKIM certification process is stringent and comprehensive, encompassing an examination of sourcing, preparation, and handling of the food.

Therefore, the presence of this certification at Monster Planet Grill exemplifies the restaurant’s heavy investment in maintaining an environment and practices that strictly adhere to the halal guidelines, providing its customers with a dining experience they can trust and enjoy without any apprehensions.

How to verify the halal status of Monster Planet Grill?

To verify the halal status of Monster Planet Grill, you can use various resources available to you. These include utilizing the ‘Verify Halal Status’ search bar in the JAKIM Halal Malaysia Directory at Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

  1. Open Your Web Browser: The first step is to open any web browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  2. Visit the JAKIM Halal Malaysia Directory: In your browser, enter the URL “” which will take you directly to the JAKIM Halal Malaysia Directory.
  3. Locate the ‘Verify Halal Status’ Search Bar: On the homepage of the directory, you should see a search bar captioned ‘Verify Halal Status’. This is where you’ll input the name of the restaurant.
  4. Enter the Restaurant’s Name: In the ‘Verify Halal Status’ search bar, type in “Monster Planet Grill”. Make sure that the spelling is correct to get accurate results.
  5. Hit Enter or Press the Search Icon: Once you have entered the restaurant’s name, press Enter on your keyboard or click the search icon next to the search bar.
  6. Check the Search Results: After you’ve initiated the search, a list of matching results will appear. Look for ‘Monster Planet Grill’ in the list of results. If the restaurant is certified halal by JAKIM, it will appear in the list.
  7. Confirm the Halal Status: If ‘Monster Planet Grill’ appears in the search results, this confirms its halal status. You’ll be able to view further details, such as the certification’s validity period.
  8. Cross-Verify: For additional certainty, it’s advised to cross-verify this information with other resources like the restaurant’s official website or by making a direct inquiry with the restaurant.

Following these steps will allow you to verify the halal status of Monster Planet Grill or any other restaurant you’re planning to visit. This way, you can ensure that the food you consume adheres to your dietary rules and beliefs.

Why is the JAKIM halal certificate for Monster Planet Grill important?

JAKIM halal certificate is important due to several reasons. The certification stands as a seal of assurance for the Muslim community and non-Muslims who prefer halal food. This is especially the case for establishments like Monster Planet Grill. Here are the main reasons why this certification is important:

  1. Guarantees Halal Compliance: The JAKIM halal certificate ensures that Monster Planet Grill adheres to strict Islamic laws concerning food preparation. This includes the sourcing of ingredients, the method of slaughter for meat, and the cleanliness of the preparation areas.
  2. Builds Trust Among Consumers: The certificate acts as a seal of assurance for consumers, especially the Muslim community, indicating that the food served by Monster Planet Grill is permissible according to Islamic law. This allows consumers to eat with peace of mind.
  3. Boosts Marketability: Obtaining the JAKIM halal certificate enhances Monster Planet Grill’s marketability not just within Malaysia, but also in other countries. This increases their potential customer base by making their products accessible and appealing to Muslims worldwide.
  4. Ensure Hygiene and Quality: The halal certification process involves strict quality control checks. These checks include ensuring the food’s hygiene, cleanliness, and quality, making the certificate a mark of high-quality food.
  5. Increases Business Opportunities: The certificate potentially opens up opportunities for Monster Planet Grill to be included in lists of halal food providers. This provides further exposure and invites more customers.
  6. Promotes Diversity and Inclusion: By obtaining the halal certificate, Monster Planet Grill shows respect and inclusion towards different religious beliefs and practices. This can improve the restaurant’s image and reputation.

The JAKIM halal certificate is thus not only a marker of religious adherence but also an assurance of quality, trustworthiness, and inclusivity for Monster Planet Grill.

How to contact Monster Planet Grill in Malaysia?

If you’re looking to get in touch with Monster Planet Grill in Malaysia, there are several methods you can utilize. From dialing their phone number to sending a message over social media, it’s easy to reach out to this popular establishment. Below is a list of the most effective ways to contact the Monster Planet Grill in Malaysia.

  1. Website: You can visit their official website where you’ll find detailed information about their menu, promotions, and services. It may also have a “Contact Us” page you can use to send a direct message.
  2. Phone: You can place a call directly to Monster Planet Grill. Their phone number should be listed on their website or social media pages. Calling would be an immediate way to make a reservation or ask any questions you may have.
  3. Address: You might consider visiting Monster Planet Grill’s physical location in Malaysia. You can get the address from their website or social media pages. This is ideal if you want to dine in or speak directly to the staff.
  4. Email: You can email Monster Planet Grill directly with any queries you might have. Check their website for the correct email address, usually found under the “Contact Us” section.
  5. Social Media: Monster Planet Grill is likely to have official pages on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can follow them for updates, promotions, and even send them a direct message with your inquiries.

Remember that response times can vary based on the method of contact you choose. For urgent inquiries, it may be best to call directly or visit in-person.

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