Is Poke Village Halal

Poke Village is an eatery in Malaysia renowned for its delightful Hawaiian-inspired cuisine. Known for their signature dish, Poke Bowls, they showcase a fusion of vibrant, fresh ingredients that promise a unique culinary adventure for every palate. It’s an inviting place for both food enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals seeking a refreshing take on fast and healthy meals.

However, an essential question that arises among the Muslim community in Malaysia is: “Is Poke Village Halal?” The answer would be crucial to them as they strictly adhere to Halal dietary laws.

Is Poke Village halal?

Yes, Poke Village is listed in JAKIM’s Halal Malaysia Directory at Please check the directory directly for the most recent and accurate information.

Does Poke Village have halal certificate from JAKIM?

Indeed, if Poke Village has received a halal certificate from JAKIM, it unequivocally implies that the food served by the restaurant is halal. This certification is not merely a paper document, but it stands as a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to adhering to the exacting standards laid out for halal food preparation.

It means that all ingredients used in the restaurant’s cuisine have been carefully sourced, ensuring they’re permissible under Islamic law, and that the preparation methods strictly follow hygienic and ethical standards.

Securing a Halal certificate from JAKIM, an esteemed and respected body, underscores the restaurant’s dedication to serving its diverse clientele with the highest level of transparency and integrity. The rigorous process of acquiring such certification involves meticulous inspections, auditing, and verification, which ensures complete adherence to the halal standards.

Therefore, this certification is a significant indicator that Poke Village is a place where customers can dine with the utmost confidence, knowing their meals fulfill the sacrosanct principles of halal.

How to verify the halal status of Poke Village?

To verify the Halal status of Poke Village, ensuring that your dining experience aligns with your dietary needs and religious beliefs, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the JAKIM Halal Malaysia Directory: Start by visiting the official JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) Halal Malaysia Directory website at
  2. Navigate to the ‘Verify Halal Status’ Search Bar: On the main page, look for the ‘Verify Halal Status’ search bar. This is where you will enter the name of the establishment you wish to verify.
  3. Enter the Name of the Establishment: In the search bar, type “Poke Village”. Ensure that you have spelled it correctly to get an accurate result.
  4. Search: After inputting “Poke Village” in the search bar, click the search button or press enter to proceed.
  5. Review the Results: The website will display the results of your search query. Read through the information provided to verify the establishment’s Halal status.

Remember, JAKIM’s Halal certification is an official and recognized certification in Malaysia, and it guarantees that the food products are permissible according to Islamic law. It ensures that the food is safe to consume, and that all ingredients, preparation, processing, and handling procedures meet the stringent Halal requirements.

Why is the JAKIM halal certificate for Poke Village important?

JAKIM halal certificate is important due to several reasons. It acts as a guarantee of food quality, purity, and adherence to Islamic dietary laws. For a food outlet like Poke Village, having this certification can significantly impact its business. The following listicle explains why this is so:

  1. Assurance of Halal Compliance: First and foremost, the JAKIM halal certificate assures customers that the food served in Poke Village strictly adheres to Islamic dietary laws. The certificate is a stamp of approval from JAKIM, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, recognized worldwide for its stringent halal certification process.
  2. Market Expansion: With the JAKIM halal certificate, Poke Village can effectively reach out to the Muslim community, which makes up more than 60% of Malaysia’s population. This expands the market potential immensely for the food outlet.
  3. Boost Customer Trust: The certificate boosts customer trust as it signifies that Poke Village has fulfilled stringent requirements in terms of ingredient sourcing, food preparation, and handling. It guarantees that all food and beverages in the outlet are permissible under Islamic law.
  4. International Recognition: JAKIM’s Halal certification is not only recognized in Malaysia but also internationally. This means that tourists or international customers who are familiar with or looking for halal products can confidently dine in Poke Village, thereby attracting a diverse clientele.
  5. Promoting Ethical Practices: The certification process also scrutinizes the ethical aspects of food preparation. This includes aspects like animal welfare and cleanliness. Therefore, the JAKIM halal certificate indirectly assures customers of Poke Village’s commitment to ethical practices.
  6. Business Reputation: The JAKIM halal certificate also adds to the brand image and reputation of Poke Village. It signifies that the business respects and adheres to Islamic dietary laws, which can improve its standing in the community.

In conclusion, the JAKIM halal certificate plays a pivotal role in ensuring the growth and success of food outlets like Poke Village by ensuring halal compliance, enhancing customer trust, expanding the market, and improving business reputation.

How to contact Poke Village in Malaysia?

Connecting with Poke Village in Malaysia can be done through a variety of channels. Whether you want to inquire about their menu, make a reservation, or simply learn more about their establishment, there are several methods available such as their official website, phone number, physical address, email, and social media platforms. Here’s a step-by-step list on how to contact Poke Village:

  1. Official Website: Visit their official website to get a comprehensive overview of their restaurant. You may find a ‘Contact Us’ page where you can fill out an inquiry form. Please note that response times can vary.
  2. Phone Number: Call them directly for immediate assistance or queries. The phone number should be listed on their website, or you could find it on various restaurant listing sites. Ensure you call during their business hours to get a timely response.
  3. Physical Address: If you’re in the vicinity, drop by their restaurant location. This way, you can have a direct conversation with the staff or management. Find their address on the website or Google Maps.
  4. Email: Some businesses prefer to handle their inquiries through email. Look for their email address on their website (often in the “Contact Us” or “About Us” section). When writing your email, be clear and concise to ensure effective communication.
  5. Social Media: Poke Village might be active on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can follow their profiles for updates and promotions, or send a direct message with your queries.

Remember that response times can vary depending on the method of contact. It’s always a good idea to try a few different methods if you don’t hear back from them via one channel.

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