Is Qiji Halal in Singapore

Qiji is a popular food chain in Singapore, renowned for its diverse menu that includes a variety of local favorites. It has multiple outlets across the island, serving its customers with the authentic taste of Nasi Lemak, Laksa, and many other delicacies that define Singaporean cuisine. Basing its principles on quality and affordability, Qiji is a go-to destination for countless food lovers in Singapore.

A question that often arises among customers, particularly from the Muslim community, is whether Qiji adheres to halal standards or not.

Is Qiji halal in Singapore?

Yes, at the time of writing, Qiji is indeed considered halal in Singapore. It is included in the list of halal-certified eating establishments as provided by the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), which is the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. This information is accessible on their official website at

Does Qiji have halal certificate from MUIS?

Yes, Qiji has secured a halal certificate from the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), which endorses its compliance with stringent halal standards. This certification implies that all food items and dishes served by Qiji abide by the rules of Islamic dietary laws, making it suitable for Muslim customers.

This is achieved through a rigorous evaluation process conducted by the MUIS, ensuring that the preparation, ingredients, and handling of the food meet the strict requirements for halal certification. However, it’s essential to realize that a halal certificate has an expiration date and requires periodic renewal to maintain its validity.

The validity of the halal certificate is contingent upon the restaurant’s persistent compliance with all halal guidelines, which is continually checked by the MUIS. Therefore, Qiji’s inclusion in the Certified Eating Establishments directory is a testament to its commitment to uphold these standards, but the responsibility of ensuring this status’s continuity rests on its ongoing adherence to halal practices.

How to verify the halal status of Qiji in Singapore?

To verify the halal status of Qiji in Singapore, users can follow a simple yet effective step-by-step process, mainly using the tools provided by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the MUIS Website: Head over to the MUIS website at This website provides a wealth of information about halal-certified products and places in Singapore.
  2. Navigate to ‘Halal Certification’ Section: Look for the ‘Halal Certification’ tab or section on the MUIS website. This section is specifically dedicated to providing the public with information about Halal certifications in Singapore.
  3. Use the ‘List of Halal Food’ Search Box: Once on the ‘Halal Certification’ page, look for the ‘List of Halal Food’ search box. This tool allows users to search for specific eating establishments and their halal status.
  4. Search for Qiji: Enter ‘Qiji’ in the search box and press the search button. The results will provide information about the halal status of Qiji in Singapore.
  5. Check the Validity of the Halal Certificate: Always check the validity of the halal certificate. A valid halal certificate from MUIS should have a validity period and it is important to make sure it is not expired.

Alternatively, individuals can use the MuslimSG app to verify the halal status of Qiji:

  1. Download the MuslimSG App: This app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is a comprehensive tool for the Muslim community in Singapore, providing a variety of services including prayer timings, Qibla direction, and also a guide to Halal eateries.
  2. Use the ‘Halal Eateries’ Feature: This feature allows you to search for Halal-certified establishments in Singapore. Simply input ‘Qiji’ into the search bar.
  3. Check the Halal Status of Qiji: The app will list out the establishments that match the search criteria along with detailed information about their halal status.

By following these steps, individuals can ensure they are consuming food that aligns with their dietary beliefs.

Why is the MUIS halal certification for Qiji important?

The MUIS Halal certification for Qiji holds significant importance for several reasons. This certification not only assures the Muslim consumers about the permissible nature of the food being served but also supports the business in expanding its consumer base. Here are a few key reasons why the MUIS Halal certification is essential for Qiji:

  1. Assurance of Halal Food: With a MUIS Halal certification, Qiji can assure its Muslim customers that the food being served complies with Islamic dietary laws. It signifies that the ingredients used and the preparation process strictly adheres to Halal regulations, ensuring peace of mind for Muslim consumers.
  2. Expanding Customer Base: The certification enables Qiji to cater to a wider audience. Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious country, hence having a Halal certification allows Qiji to serve not only the Muslim population but also non-Muslims who prefer Halal food.
  3. Enhanced Reputation and Trust: A MUIS Halal certification serves as a stamp of approval from a recognized authority. This endorsement can boost Qiji’s credibility and reputation, leading to enhanced trust among customers and potentially higher sales.
  4. International Recognition: MUIS Halal certification is widely recognized not just in Singapore but around the globe. This allows Qiji to attract international Muslim travelers or tourists who seek Halal food.
  5. Compliance with National Standards: By obtaining a MUIS Halal certification, Qiji demonstrates their compliance with the national standards of Singapore pertaining to Halal food. This can be seen as a reflection of Qiji’s commitment to maintaining high-quality standards in their food preparation processes.

In conclusion, the MUIS Halal certification for Qiji is more than just a certificate; it’s a testimony to their commitment to serving high-quality, Halal-compliant food to their customers. It provides assurance, builds trust, expands the consumer base, boosts reputation internationally, and highlights their dedication to abide by national standards.

How to contact Qiji in Singapore?

Contacting Qiji, the popular food chain in Singapore, can be accomplished through various methods. Whether you are looking for information about their menu, want to make a reservation, or have a query, it’s easy to reach out to them. You can use the following methods to establish a connection:

  1. Website: Visit their official website Here you will find information about their menu, restaurant locations, and other details. You can also find a contact form on their ‘Contact Us’ page where you can leave your query and contact details. They typically respond within a few business days.
  2. Phone: You can call Qiji on their official contact number: +65 6742 9872. This is a quick way to get information or answers to your queries.
  3. Address: Visiting one of Qiji’s outlets is another way to get in touch. Their HQ address is Qiji Pte Ltd, 171, Kampong Ampat, #06-01, KA Foodlink, Singapore 368330. You can locate other outlets on their website.
  4. Email: Send an email to Qiji at [email protected]. This method is especially useful if you have a detailed query or if you need to include attachments.
  5. Social Media: Qiji is available on various social media platforms. You can message them directly on Facebook (, Instagram (, or LinkedIn. These platforms can be useful for both general inquiries and feedback.

Always remember, while reaching out via social media or email, be patient as response times can vary.

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