Is So Pho Halal in Singapore

So Pho is a renowned restaurant chain in Singapore, widely recognized for its authentic and delectable Vietnamese cuisine. This popular dining spot offers a wide variety of dishes, from iconic pho and spring rolls to refreshing beverages, encapsulating the rich culinary heritage of Vietnam. With its casual yet modern ambiance, So Pho provides a unique dining experience that brings together aromatic flavors and traditional Vietnamese hospitality.

However, a question that often arises among potential patrons is: Is So Pho in Singapore halal-certified?

Is So Pho halal in Singapore?

Yes, at the time of writing, So Pho is halal in Singapore. It is listed among the halal-certified eating establishments in the directory provided by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) on their official website at

Does So Pho have halal certificate from MUIS?

Yes, So Pho has been granted a Halal certificate from the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), thereby ensuring the food served aligns with Islamic dietary laws. This certification guarantees that the ingredients used in the preparation of dishes, as well as the cooking methods, are in strict compliance with Halal standards.

This implies that the food at So Pho is permissible for consumption by Muslims, as it fulfills all the necessary criteria laid out by Islamic laws. It’s important to note, however, that the Halal status bestowed by MUIS isn’t permanent and does have a set expiry date. This means that the establishment must regularly renew its certification to maintain its Halal status.

This recurring process ensures that So Pho, or any restaurant for that matter, continually adheres to the strict halal standards. Thus, customers can feel confident about the Halal status of the food served, knowing that the restaurant consistently undergoes rigorous checks and audits by the MUIS.

How to verify the halal status of So Pho in Singapore?

To verify the halal status of So Pho in Singapore, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the Website of MUIS: The Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) is the authority in Singapore that provides Halal certification. Visit the MUIS website at
  2. Navigate to the Halal Certification Section: On the website, look for the ‘Halal’ tab in the menu bar. Click on ‘Halal Certification’, then select ‘MUIS Certified Eating Establishments.’
  3. Search for So Pho: Within the ‘MUIS Certified Eating Establishments’ section, find the ‘List Of Halal Food’ search box. Input “So Pho” in the search box and hit ‘enter’ or ‘search’. The page will then display if So Pho holds a valid Halal certificate.
  4. Review the Information: Once you’ve searched for So Pho, take note of the details displayed. This will often include the name of the establishment, the address of its location(s), and the expiry date of its Halal certification.
  5. Download the MuslimSG App: Alternatively, download the MuslimSG app on your mobile device. This app, created by MUIS, provides a comprehensive list of Halal-certified eateries in Singapore.
  6. Search for So Pho in the App: Once you’ve installed the MuslimSG app, use its search feature to look for So Pho. The search results will indicate if the establishment is Halal-certified.

By following these steps, you can easily verify the Halal status of So Pho or any other eatery in Singapore. Remember, it’s always better to verify the current status rather than relying on outdated information, as an establishment’s Halal certification may change over time.

Why is the MUIS halal certification for So Pho important?

The MUIS halal certificate is important due to several reasons. This certification, provided by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), signifies that a food product or service adheres to Islamic law, making it permissible for consumption by Muslims. For a restaurant like So Pho, the MUIS halal certificate is crucial due to the following reasons:

  1. Religious Compliance: First and foremost, the MUIS halal certificate assures Muslim customers that the food served at So Pho is prepared in strict compliance with Islamic dietary laws. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of halal ingredients and the prohibition of pork and alcohol.
  2. Consumer Assurance: The certificate acts as a reference for consumers, indicating that the establishment has met stringent halal standards. This gives Muslim customers peace of mind when dining at the restaurant, knowing that their religious beliefs are being observed.
  3. Business Expansion: The halal certification allows So Pho to cater to a wider audience. As Singapore is a multicultural and multi-religious country, having a MUIS halal certificate enables the restaurant to attract and serve the significant Muslim population.
  4. International Recognition: MUIS Halal Certificate is internationally recognized. This means that So Pho can attract not just local, but also international Muslim tourists or customers who are visiting Singapore.
  5. Quality Assurance: The process of obtaining the MUIS halal certificate involves strict quality control checks. This ensures that the restaurant maintains high standards in their food preparation process, which indirectly assures customers of the quality and safety of the food.
  6. Ethical Standards: Halal certification is not just about the ingredients used, but also about ethical considerations in the food production process. It ensures that the food is produced, manufactured, and distributed in line with ethical and fair trade practices. This can be appealing to customers concerned with ethical consumption.

Therefore, the MUIS Halal certification plays a vital role in ensuring So Pho’s commitment to religious, quality, ethical, and business standards for the benefit of its diverse customer base.

How to contact So Pho in Singapore?

Reaching out to So Pho, a renowned Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore, is quite straightforward. This dining destination offers a variety of channels to get in touch, including their website, phone, physical address, email, and social media platforms. Here’s how you can contact them:

  1. Website: You can visit So Pho’s official website for general information and inquiries. Their website contains a wealth of information about menu offerings, operating hours, and locations. Additionally, you can make reservations or send queries through their online contact form.
  2. Phone: The fastest way to get in touch with So Pho is by calling them. You can reach So Pho at one of their many locations in Singapore. For example, their Novena Square outlet can be contacted at +65 6255 5070.
  3. Address: To visit So Pho in person or send them mail, you can use their physical address. They have numerous outlets throughout Singapore. An example is their outlet at Novena Square, 238 Thomson Rd, #02-43/45, Singapore 307683.
  4. Email: Email is another way to contact So Pho. However, their official email address is not directly listed on the website. To receive their email address, you may need to make a request through their online contact form or call one of their outlets.
  5. Social Media: So Pho maintains a strong presence on various social media platforms. You can reach out to them through their Facebook page ( They also have an Instagram account (, where you can send them direct messages.

Remember that response times will vary depending on the method you choose to contact So Pho. Always consider the urgency of your inquiry when choosing your preferred method.

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