Street Churros Halal Status

Street Churros, Malaysia’s trend-setting dessert stop, has captured the hearts of Malaysians with its delightful take on the classic Spanish treat. Known for their crispy, golden churros served with a variety of sweet dips and toppings, they’ve redefined the local dessert scene with a unique combination of taste and on-the-go convenience.

However, a key question that often arises is – Is Street Churros Halal certified in Malaysia?

Is Street Churros halal?

No, Street Churros is not considered halal according to the guidelines set by JAKIM, as it is not listed in its Halal Malaysia Directory, found at

This directory is a comprehensive list curated by Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM), outlining all the places whose products or services are certified halal and acceptable for consumption or use by the Muslim community.

Does Street Churros have halal certificate from JAKIM?

Street Churros, as of current information, does not possess a Halal certificate from the Malaysian Islamic Development Department, also known as JAKIM. This essentially indicates that the eatery has not acquired the requisite Halal certification that assures customers about the conformity of their food products to Islamic dietary laws. These guidelines involve not just the ingredients used, but also the procedures of preparation, packaging, and even storage of the food items.

To elaborate further, the absence of a JAKIM Halal certificate means that the food served at Street Churros may not be Halal. This essentially implies that there is no confirmed guarantee that their food items align with the stringent standards prescribed by Islamic dietary rules.

This lack of certification denotes that the establishment has yet to or has chosen not to undergo the rigorous process of evaluation and verification for adherence to these Halal standards. Therefore, patrons who strictly follow Halal guidelines might want to take this into account while making dining choices.

How to verify the halal status of Street Churros?

To verify the halal status of Street Churros, you can follow the steps listed below:

  1. Visit JAKIM’s Halal Malaysia Directory: The first step is to go to the official website of JAKIM’s Halal Malaysia Directory at
  2. Locate the ‘Verify Halal Status’ Search Bar: On the home page of the website, you will find a search bar labelled ‘Verify Halal Status’. This is the tool you will use to verify the halal status of Street Churros.
  3. Enter the Name of the Product/Business: In the ‘Verify Halal Status’ search bar, type “Street Churros”. Ensure that you spell it correctly to get accurate results.
  4. Click the Search Icon or Press Enter: After typing in the name, click on the search icon or press Enter on your keyboard to initiate the search.
  5. Review the Search Results: The search will provide a list of results pertaining to the entered name. Look for “Street Churros” in the list. If the business or product is Halal certified, it will be listed with details of its certification.
  6. Check the Certification Details: Once located, check the details of the certification. This includes the certification number, date of issuance, and date of expiration. The status should be ‘valid’ and not ‘expired’.
  7. Check the Certification Body: It’s also important to note the certification body. The certification should be from a recognized and reputable Halal certification body.
  8. Verify with the Business Directly: If the information you find is not clear, or you are still not sure about the halal status, you can contact Street Churros directly. They should be able to provide you with information about their Halal certification.

Remember, the halal status is subject to change, so it is good to regularly check for updates especially when you have concerns or doubts. Stay informed and make sure the food you consume is in line with your beliefs and dietary restrictions.

Why I must be careful about Street Churros halal status?

Street Churros, a popular worldwide dessert chain, offers delicious churros that can be a delightful treat. However, for those who follow dietary laws, like halal, it’s essential to examine the halal status of Street Churros carefully. Here’s why:

  1. Source of Ingredients: Not all ingredients used in making churros might comply with halal standards. For instance, the dough could contain alcohol or lard, which are prohibited in a halal diet.
  2. Cross-Contamination Risks: There could be risks of cross-contamination if the churros are prepared in an environment where non-halal food is also processed.
  3. Halal Certification: Not all branches of Street Churros may have a halal certification. Therefore, the halal status may vary from location to location.
  4. Varying Halal Standards: Different regions may have varying halal standards. Thus, what may be considered halal in one country might not be in another.
  5. Use of Flavorings and Additives: Some flavorings, colorings, or other additives used may be derived from non-halal sources.
  6. Lack of Full Disclosure: Full disclosure of ingredients may not always be available or straightforward, making it difficult to determine if all aspects of the churros comply with halal requirements.
  7. Employee Awareness: Employees might not be fully aware or trained regarding halal dietary laws, which may inadvertently lead to violation of halal practices.

Therefore, it’s important for halal observants to ensure the halal validity of Street Churros before consumption.

How to contact Street Churros in Malaysia? …

You can contact Street Churros in Malaysia using several methods. Whether you need to ask about their menu, inquire about a reservation, or simply want to leave a feedback about your recent visit, you have the options to connect with them via their website, phone, physical address, email, or through their various social media platforms. Here’s how you can get in touch:

  1. Website: Visit the official website of Street Churros Malaysia. They likely have a “Contact Us” page where you can find their details or a form to fill out regarding your enquiry.
  2. Phone: Call their phone number directly. The contact number may vary depending on the specific location of the Street Churros branch you wish to contact. Look for the contact number of your preferred location on their website or Google Maps.
  3. Physical Address: You can visit a Street Churros branch directly. Their branches can be found in various locations in Malaysia. The exact addresses can be found on their official website or by searching on Google Maps.
  4. Email: Some businesses provide a contact email on their website. Look for an email address under the “Contact Us” section on the Street Churros Malaysia website.
  5. Social Media: Street Churros Malaysia is likely to have official accounts on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can send them a direct message or leave a comment under one of their posts. This method could be effective for more general inquiries.

Remember, the response time may vary according to the method of contact you choose. The best way to get a quick response is usually through phone or social media.

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