NEX Halal Food in Singapore

NEX in Singapore is one of the regional and suburban malls located in Serangoon. This bustling shopping centre offers many halal-certified dining options, ranging from local Singaporean cuisine to international dishes.

Looking to experience the rich culinary culture of halal food in NEX? Where and how to find these halal food outlets in NEX?

List of NEX halal food

Our compilation of halal food options at NEX, Singapore, is derived directly from the official website of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), alternatively known as Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura. The council is responsible for the certification and labeling of halal food across the country. We ensure our list is updated and accurate, reflecting the information provided on the MUIS website.

We highly recommend frequent visits to the MUIS website to stay informed about updates on Halal-certified restaurants. This will ensure that you are up-to-date with the newest halal food options, not just at NEX, but throughout Singapore.

Bali Thai Restaurant

23 Serangoon Central 02-13 Nex

Burger King

23 Serangoon Central B1-30/31 NEX
11 Bedok North Street 1 01-33 469662

Fitra Chicken Rice (S8) @ Foodjunction NEX

23 Serangoon Central 04-36/37 NEX



Long John Silvers

23 Serangoon Central B1-45 NEX

McDonalds Restaurants Pte Ltd

23 Serangoon Central B2-05/06/07/08 NEX

Old Chang Kee



23 Serangoon Central 02-K10 NEX

The MUIS adheres to stringent Islamic dietary laws in its certification process, ensuring the highest standards for halal food outlets. Consequently, you can confidently rely on their listings when choosing a dining venue.

Why it is important to find MUIS halal-certified establishments in NEX?

Finding MUIS halal-certified establishments in NEX in Serangoon, Singapore, is important because it ensures that the food served in these establishments is permissible according to Islamic law. Other reasons include:

  1. Respect Cultural and Religious Beliefs: For Muslims, eating halal food is a requirement of their faith. Therefore, finding halal food in NEX would allow them to meet their dietary needs while enjoying their shopping experience.
  2. Inclusive Shopping Experience: Having halal food available in NEX ensures that everyone, regardless of their faith or dietary restrictions, can have a satisfying dining experience. It makes the mall a more inclusive space for everyone.
  3. Encourages Diversity: Offering halal food options at NEX promotes diversity. It acknowledges and respects the different cultures and religions present in Singapore’s multicultural society.
  4. Health Benefits: Halal food is often perceived to be healthier because it is free from harmful ingredients and toxins, as the halal preparation process involves thorough cleaning and cooking of the food.
  5. Greater Choice for Consumers: Having a variety of food options, including halal, ensures that all customers can find something they can eat, regardless of their dietary preferences or restrictions.
  6. Boosts Mall’s Reputation: By offering halal food, NEX showcases its commitment to accommodating the needs of all its customers, which can enhance its reputation and attract more visitors.
  7. Potential for Increased Business: With the significant Muslim population in Singapore, offering halal food can attract more customers to the mall, potentially leading to increased business for the food outlets.
  8. Ensures Ethical Standards: Halal certification also ensures that the food is prepared ethically, which is an important factor for many consumers today.
  9. Promotes Peace of Mind: For Muslim shoppers, knowing that halal food is available gives them peace of mind and allows them to enjoy their shopping and dining experience without worry.
  10. Reflects Singapore’s Multicultural Society: Having halal food in places like NEX is a reflection of Singapore’s multicultural and diverse society, where different races and religions coexist harmoniously.

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