Raffles City Halal Food in Singapore

Raffles City is a large complex in the heart of Singapore, a bustling hub renowned for its shopping, entertainment, and, most notably, its culinary scene. Amidst this urban extravaganza, Raffles City also caters to the needs of Muslim travellers and residents, offering a variety of halal food options that harmoniously blend the rich diversity of Singapore’s halal cuisine.

Just like halal food in Raffles Place, where can you find these halal-certified food options amongst the numerous outlets in Raffles City? And how can you ensure the food you choose adheres to halal standards?

List of Raffles City halal food.

Our list of Halal food options in Raffles City has been meticulously sourced from the official website of the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore.

The MUIS is the authoritative organisation responsible for the certification and labelling of halal food in the region of Singapore.

Fitra Chicken Rice (S18) @ The Food Place By Food Junction


Old Chang Kee

252 North Bridge Road, B1-55, Raffles City Shopping Centre


252 North Bridge Road, B1-56 Raffles City Shopping Centre


252 North Bridge Road B1-36 Raffles City Shopping Centre

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

252 North Bridge Road, 01-45, Raffles City Shopping Centre

The Soup Spoon / Antoheetos

252 North Bridge Road, B1-44L, Raffles City Shopping Centre

The Soup Spoon Union / Antoheetos

252 North Bridge Road, B1-61/62, Raffles City Shopping Centre

Warung Penyet (S19)@The Food Place Raffles City



252 North Bridge Road, B1-72, Raffles City Shopping Centre

XW Western Grill

252 North Bridge Road, B1-44B, Raffles City Shopping Centre

Is this Raffles City halal food list accurate and latest?

At the time of forming this list, all the information we have gathered is accurate and up-to-date, strictly based on the latest data directly from the MUIS. We have made every effort to ensure the credibility and currentness of our list.

However, it’s important to note that situations may change, and new updates regarding Halal-certified establishments may be subsequently posted on the MUIS website. These changes could include the addition or removal of restaurants, adjustments to certification status, and updates on rules and regulations.

Therefore, for the most accurate and current information, we highly recommend that you frequently revisit the MUIS website. Staying informed about the latest updates will ensure you have the most accurate information when choosing your Halal dining options in Raffles City.

How to find halal food near me in Raffles City and check which establishments have halal certification by MUIS?

To check the halal status of establishments in Raffles City, you need to follow these steps given below:

  1. Visit the MUIS Website: Start by going to the official website of Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), which is muis.gov.sg. MUIS is the official body responsible for halal certification in Singapore.
  2. Navigate to the Halal Certification Section: Once you’re on the website, find and click on the ‘Halal’ tab on the main navigation menu of the site. This will lead you to the section dedicated to halal certification matters.
  3. Click on ‘Eating Establishments’: In the ‘Halal’ section, you will find various categories. Click on ‘Eating Establishments’ to proceed with the search of halal-certified eating places.
  4. Using the Search Box: Now, you will see a ‘List of Halal Food’ search box. Here, you can input the name of the desired establishment, or in this case, ‘Raffles City’.
  5. Check the Results: After inputting ‘Raffles City’ in the search box, the website will generate a list of all establishments within Raffles City that have received halal certification from MUIS.
  6. Verify the Certification: It’s important to check the validity of the certification. Beside each establishment’s name, there should be a validity period for their halal certification. Make sure the certification is not expired.

By following these steps, you can ensure that the food you are eating in Raffles City is halal and certified by MUIS.

Why it is important to find halal food in Raffles City?

Finding halal food is important for several reasons, especially for practising Muslims or those who choose halal food for dietary or ethical reasons. This importance extends to all areas, including Raffles City, a bustling commercial hub in Singapore. Here’s why seeking out halal food in Raffles City is crucial:

  1. Cultural and Religious Respect: For Muslims, consuming halal food allows them to abide by dietary guidelines stipulated in their religious beliefs. When dining in Raffles City, finding halal food is a way to respect and accommodate these beliefs.
  2. Inclusive Dining Experience: Having halal options in a cosmopolitan area like Raffles City ensures an inclusive dining experience. This enables friends, families, and colleagues with different dietary preferences to share meals together, promoting bonding and mutual understanding.
  3. Health Considerations: Many people regard halal food as a healthier option, as it adheres to strict preparation methods, including the humane treatment of animals and cleanliness of preparation areas. Finding halal food in Raffles City can thus cater to those who are health-conscious.
  4. Ethical Reasons: Halal food ensures animals are slaughtered in the most humane way possible, with minimal pain. For those committed to ethical eating, finding halal food in Raffles City is essential.
  5. Expanding Culinary Horizons: For foodies, trying halal food can be an opportunity to explore different culinary traditions and flavors. With Raffles City being a food paradise, it provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy diverse halal cuisines.
  6. Variety and Choice: Including halal food in the menu options at Raffles City enhances the variety and choice for diners. It means everyone can find something to enjoy, regardless of their dietary restrictions or preferences.
  7. Global Trend: With the rising global demand for halal food, offering it in Raffles City aligns with worldwide trends. This can attract both local and international tourists who prefer or need to stick to halal diets.

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