Royal Caribbean Halal Food

Royal Caribbean Halal Food refers to the special dietary meals the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line offers for its Muslim passengers. Halal food, prepared in adherence to Islamic law, is made available, ensuring it’s free from pork products, alcohol, and other Haram ingredients, thereby providing a comfortable and inclusive dining experience for Muslim travellers.

But the question is, does Royal Caribbean offer halal food? Let’s check it out to be sure on the halal status on a halal cruise.

Is halal food available in Royal Caribbean?

Yes, Royal Caribbean provides halal meat, adhering to the strict dietary rules set by Islamic law, exclusively on voyages departing from Dubai and Singapore. The halal meat, either beef (steak) or chicken, is only available in the main dining room.

It’s important to note that Royal Caribbean does not provide complete halal ‘meals’, just the meat. To get this done, guests will need to fill in the Special Needs form at least 90 days before sailing.

Why I should check halal food on Royal Caribbean before sailing?

If you follow a halal diet, it’s important to check the food options on Royal Caribbean before sailing to ensure they can accommodate your dietary needs. Not all cruise lines offer halal food options, and even those that do may not offer them on all ships or for all meals.

Checking beforehand allows you to make an informed decision and avoid potential difficulties or disappointments during your trip. You can do this by contacting Royal Caribbean’s customer service.

What to do if Royal Caribbean does not offer halal food?

If Royal Caribbean does not offer halal food, there are a few options for you:

  1. Request Special Dietary Needs: Contact Royal Caribbean before your trip and inform them of your dietary restrictions. Many cruise lines are able to accommodate halal diets if given enough notice.
  2. Bring Your Own Food: If Royal Caribbean cannot accommodate your dietary needs, you may be able to bring your own food onboard. Check in advance with the cruise line to understand their policy on bringing your own food.
  3. Eat Vegetarian: Many cruises offer a variety of vegetarian or vegan options, which may align with halal dietary restrictions.
  4. Off-Board Dining: Depending on the itinerary of your cruise, you may be able to dine off-board at ports that offer halal food.
  5. Private Dining: Some cruise lines offer private dining experiences. You can inquire if they can provide a halal menu.

Always double-check with Royal Caribbean directly about their current policies and accommodations for halal diets.

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