Which Cruise Line Offer Halal Food

Several cruise lines globally are committed to catering to the diverse dietary needs and preferences of their passengers, including those adhering to Islamic dietary laws. These cruise lines offer halal food options, ensuring that Muslim passengers can enjoy their trip without compromising their dietary restrictions.

So, a question about “Can you get halal food on a cruise ship?” shouldn’t be a big issue. Services vary, with some cruise lines offering halal-certified meals, while others prepare meals in accordance with halal practices upon request.

Which cruise line offer halal food?

Many Muslim travelers often wonder which cruise lines offer halal food, which is food prepared according to Islamic law, as defined in the Quran. This is important to ensure they can adhere to their dietary restrictions while enjoying their vacations.

Here is a list of the cruise line we have researched offering halal food.

Please note it’s always best to contact the cruise line directly well in advance of your trip to request a halal meal.

Does Celebrity Cruises offer halal food?

Yes, Celebrity Cruises offer halal meals on board all ships in its fleet, which represents Celebrity Cruises in the Middle East. Celebrity Cruises is committed to accommodating the dietary needs of its guests by offering halal. The luxury cruise line has taken special measures to ensure the availability of Halal meals in the main dining room.

Does Princess Cruises cater to halal dietary requirements?

Yes, Princess Cruises, specifically Sydney Princess, is capable of catering to various dietary requirements, including halal. They kindly request that guests inform them of any dietary needs at the time of booking and at least two weeks prior to the cruise departure date.

Is there halal food on Genting Dream Cruises?

Genting Dream Cruises, a subsidiary of Resorts World Cruises, is the first cruise line worldwide to feature a halal-certified kitchen. Departing from Singapore, this innovative cruise ship meets the halal-friendly standards set by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC).

Does Royal Caribbean Cruises provide halal food options?

Royal Caribbean Cruises exclusively serves halal meat on cruises departing from Singapore and Dubai. However, only the main dining area offers halal meat options, which include beef (steak) and poultry. Guests wishing to avail of these options are advised to fill out the ‘special needs’ form requesting halal meat 90 days before their cruise departure.

Does Disney Cruises offer halal meals?

Disney Cruises can cater to halal dietary requirements, provided the request is made at least five weeks before the sail date. Please note that dietary requests indicated on the reservation will not automatically apply at quick-service meal locations or for in-room dining. Once aboard the ship, guests are advised to visit the onboard dining session available on the day of embarkation and remind the dining team of their requirements when placing an order at any dining location, even if previously mentioned during the reservation process.

Why it is important to ask halal food on cruise line?

Asking for halal food on a cruise line is important for Muslim passengers due to religious reasons. Halal food is prepared according to Islamic law, and is free from any components that Muslims are prohibited from consuming according to Sharia law. This includes pork or pork by-products, animals that were dead prior to slaughtering, animals not slaughtered properly or not slaughtered in the name of Allah.

By requesting halal food, Muslim passengers can ensure they are adhering to their religious dietary requirements while traveling. Moreover, it helps to enhance their overall travel experience as they can enjoy their meals without the worry of violating their faith.

In addition, it’s not only about the type of food, but also the way it’s prepared. The utensils used for preparing halal food must be cleansed according to the specific Islamic procedure, and cannot be mixed with those used for non-halal food.

Lastly, asking for halal food can also prompt cruise lines to consider the diverse needs of their passengers and potentially expand their food offerings, making their services more inclusive and considerate.

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